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Personal Counselling

The Life WavePersonal Counselling

Mental health counselling is part of applied psychotherapy.


Main goals of the counselling process is the improvement of the ability of a person to understand themselves, their needs and goals, to relate to other people, to manage in the best possible way the pressure of everyday life, to deal with stressful or painful situations that have occurred at some point in their lives and finally to experience, in a satisfying way, their lives and their relationships.

The process offers a more immediate relief and the instrument for dealing with facts and situations -as opposed to the long-term benefits of psychotherapy.  Requests are specific and measurable, always with care in the background. It is a matter of taking a journey as much for a practical need as well as for a psychological one. 

Sessions  may take place at our space in Paleo Faliro or go through contemporary electronic means ( Zoom/Skype/Viber/WhatsApp etc), albeit the first one -excluding exceptional conditions- would be best to be in person.

Lastly, counseling sessions are performed by a specially qualified and certified mental health counsellor and may be offered as personal or for couples/family.


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