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What we offer

The Life Wave is a space created to support and inform.



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Soft Skills

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Personal Counseling

Dealing with difficult matters in our lives, we seek choices to administer them. A Counselor can offer support and the instrumentation for this very purpose.

Soft Skills*

Basic personal and social skills for the self-organization and self-management, couragement relationship management and professional development



Group sessions that have a primary goal to train regarding a psychology topic. Brief cycles of themed meetings with the goal of self evolution end dealing with common difficulties.


 Training Seminars on practical thematology ranging from digital organizational tools to presentations of psychotherapeutic approaches. An “umbrella" of activities with collaborations and interesting subjects to share 

Couples therapy

When life's difficulties overshadow togetherness, a couple needs something more than a referee about who is right. A common language is needed and the real needs must be discovered, before serious decisions are made.

Systemic Constellation

We are connected independently of time and space and that's we have a lot to  understand with this instrument. The transition to another level of Consciousness can help  healing of generationally transferred behaviours and symptoms.

Holding Therapy

The embrace, apart from  offering a sense of security and warmth,  can also be a part of a special therapeutic instrument in harmonising important relationships of our Lives and heal early traumatic experiences

Therapeutic Regression

The things that happened to us are recorded even before we were capable of “logos”(reason/speech). Each mark on us has much to say even if we do not remember about it. There are times where remembering “yesterday”, is the key to curing “today”..


Clinical Hypnosis

The biggest part of the iceberg is below the surface and remains unseen despite its importance. Like such, our subconscious also remains in the sphere of the unseen and in order for it to be revealed, we need the right approach, clinically proven, acclaimed and immediate,



We often collaborate with chosen professionals, whether it is by participating in presentations or just using The Life Wave premises in their offer of a relaxing experience at 40 Zaimi st, in Palaio Faliro.


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