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The Life WaveSeminars

"Seminars? What Seminars?" 

A general title as an umbrella of meetings and activities.


Τhere are times that we are required to develop a subject beyond any training groups or even to open it up  for discussion and opinions.

There are times that we have the opportunity to present a partners' innovative approach, from either in Greece or abroad.


In a fair-sized hall with all the necessities for presentations, we are offering to cover seminar needs with content such as:

  • Digital tools without cost, for self organising

  • Discussions and subjects, such as “gender and sexual preference”, “physics and metaphysics: relations and antithesis” etc. 

  • Book presentations on scientific developments

  • Social actions and local self-organising

  • Specialised approaches to specific groups, such as health related advocates, seniors etc

  • Collaborations and art nights. 

We are always open to suggestions and new ideas


Προσεχείς εκδηλώσεις

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