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Systemic Constellation

The Life WaveSystemic Constellation

Invisible Dad, Result of War - Evaldas I

What it is

Systemic Constellation is an experiential method of therapeutic intervention, applied to human systems (families, groups, organisations etc) with the immediate purpose of understanding the difficulties of the members of the system and harmonisation of their relations. The overall purpose is “therapy”, so much for the member that “carries” a specific “symptom”, as much as for the whole system.


The method was inspired and created by the German psychotherapist Anton (Bert) Hellinger. During his operation as a missionary in Africa, Hellinger observed that the Zulu tribe was processing matters and problems of the tribe by reenacting them as theatrical events. By combining observations regarding the dynamics that were developing within the group and his training in psychotherapeutic approaches, such as psychoanalysis, Gestalt and NLP, he created initially the most known form of systemic constellation, the Family Constellation.



Hellinger, according to his extensive family systems observations, formulated the theory regarding the rules -or better the principles- that steer family systems, the adherence to which is necessary for preserving the order of love within the system. Non-conformity with these "rules" by the members of the system, usually in the form of exclusion from the system of a specific member, upsetting of  the hierarchy within the system, or imbalance of the "give and take", ultimately causes Systemic Blocks which manifest as bodily or psychological symptoms, diseases or unexplained behaviours on members of the system. Some of these blocks, if not resolved, are passed on for generations.


The theory of Systemic Constellation is, in great part, commonplace with the theory of Systemic Approach to psychotherapy and counseling.

Other forms of Constellation

Another form of constellation is the  Business or Organisational Constellation used to investigate and resolve matters regarding companies, legal entities and other business environments.  The constellation activities may also be used to make the right decision, be it on a personal or professional level. 

How it is performed

Initially the interested person poses the request, i.e. the problem or block that needs to be resolved. The constellation unfolds as reenactment through  a group of representatives, who it is preferable to not have immediate or close relation to the person making the request or the request itself. This is so they are less likely to be affected by information they already possess. The reenactment is coordinated by a trained therapist/counsellor who, depending on the outcome, suggests therapeutic declarations to the representatives, fitting each occasion and aim  towards the resolution of the block.


How it works

Constellation works through the connection and tuning of representatives to a form of energy field which guides their movements, emotions and thoughts, and allows them to access information from the system that are time-independently recorded. This "Field" has been described through the centuries by investigators of different specialities. It has different names such as the "Morphic or Morphogenetic Field" by the biologist Rupert Sheldrake, "Gnostic  Field" by the psychiatrist Albert Moore, while more widely known descriptions include "Collective Subconscious" by Carl Jung, "Cosmic Soul" by Plato, "The Akashic Archives" of the Eastern apocrypha, or the "Quantum Field" of contemporary Quantum science.  Even though we do not fully understand its precise nature and function,  the phenomenological observation indicates that it is there and it affects our lives. 









As Hellinger himself once said Constellation is a form of transition to a different level of consciousness and leads to a passage beyond our known thoughts and desires.

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The Life WaveQuantum Field Constellation

(as per Mary Zapiti)

Quantum Field Constellation is a very specialised technique of constellation created by therapist and author Mary Zapiti.  The main differences with Systemic Constellation as it is operated by other systemic therapists in Greece are summed in the following:

  • Included in the constellation are people who are not strictly parts of the family system as according to Hellinger, but  instead has been observed to be affecting the system in a significant way such as a step father or a stepmother.

  • It includes the investigation and resolution of comic entanglements and matters, and not just of the said system.

  • Has no space-time limitations.

  • In cases where therapeutic interventions suggested by the coordinator do not seem to have the impact necessary to resolve the entanglement (Block),  the coordinator applies Quantum Corrections through invoking higher Energies or Angelic Quantum spirals which have an immediate positive affect,  either to the field of the constellation or the field of the participating representatives and observers.

Systemic Constellation vs. Quantum Field Constellation

When choosing between the Systemic Constellation as Bert Bert Hellinger or the quantum field constellation as per Mary Zapiti (who has been a student of his),  it will be depending either on the needs and distinctiveness of each case or through free choice of the person making the request.















 The constellation is a journey allowing access to the space of our souls and the soul of the family and ancestors or even of the whole Humanity and as such, one may dare and complete with an open mind, soul and heart.


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