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Therapeutic Regression

The Life WaveTherapeutic Regression

Therapeutic regression is an experiential method for understanding and curing dysfunctional behaviours, bodily, mental and psychological symptoms presented by an individual, which make his everyday life more difficult while has eluded identification and understanding by other therapeutic methods and approaches.


Furthermore, it is recommended when dealing with Schema Domains, meaning systems of restrictive beliefs and world views that have shaped in our childhood and have crystallised during our lifetime, but are no longer functional and would not help for a revolution harmonious relationship with ourselves and the people around us.


​The Regression process takes place with the help of a trained therapist, who uses specific techniques to guide the client in a state of deep relaxation (trance). In this state of deep relaxation we are able to access areas of the subconscious where information is recorded regarding the matter of the client,  that would otherwise not be possible to access in an alert state of conventional counselling and psychotherapy. After the client gains access to that subconscious information regarding the matter at hand and realises the cause of the problem or dysfunction, it is time for processing the above with the help of the therapist, as per case.


Therapeutic regression is the bridge between our conscious and subconscious mind, between the present and our past, between the seen and the Unseen, always with the goal the therapy through u19 the pieces of the puzzle which comprise  experiences through time.. 

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