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Excellent space, with proper organization. Functional seminars, on various - practical topics, such as managing stress, time and priorities,   was the main subject that brought me into contact with the organizers. Professionally, but above all, with a human approach, we also found as a group, a framework for communication, discharge and fruitful reflection.


Excellent professionals and people. The space is impeccable, clean, calm and full of positive energy. You leave there full of peace and joy! Even in online, thanks to corona virus, sessions you have the same feelings when they end. Many congratulations and thanks guys!


Highly qualified professionals! Both Sophia and Angelos, with whom I had the honor to come into contact, do an incredible job with you. Their goal is man and his development..


I participated in psycho-educational seminars and group sessions both close and remote on the topic of managing stress, time and priorities. The seminar is an enjoyable experience that helps you understand your relationship with stress, and gives you a number of practical methods to deal with it.


From the beginning there was very good communication and considering that it was the first session, I think there is fertile ground for building a relationship of trust.


He earned my trust. I felt comfortable


Excellent space and calm environment. Mr. Ioakeimidis willing to listen to you and help. Friendly and human


Helpful and insightful in every situation in a way that shows you really care about the person in front of you! Keep going!!


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meh...Sure, was ok.What I neededFully coveredPerfect!

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