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Soft Skills


The Life Wave - Soft Skills

What are “soft skills”?

Note: If you are interested in developing group consciousness, preformance thinking, collaboration technicques sat your workspace, in a native Greek or English speaking environment, please stay with us to the end of this page...

It is a series of abilities that may be tort who have the purpose of complimenting the character of a person be at in relationship to managing the self, or and relation to others.

The term “soft skills” originated in the world of business. Employers requested the Improvement of services they received from their employees and also the services they offered to their customers, independently from any official qualifications or training. Such skills were for example, dealing with hard customers or self-management of sales people when they are away from the business base.  Professionals needed to improve the turnover of their staff in areas such as presentation skills, stress and time management, prioritisation, relationship management either internally or externally to the organisation.

Contrary to "hard skills" that refer to the specific object of each job, soft skills characteristics are that they do not behave like specialised techniques or knowledge,  but instead they are related to what we all have in common: We are social beings. Often enough being successful or not in our field  is more dependent to how we relate to other people during our work hours than other factors


 The same is proven to be in most aspects of life.

What skils are considered "soft"? ( examples)

  • communication skills - relationship Improvement

  • self motivation - understanding and developing our motives

  • time management /prioritisation - we own our time

  • decision making / assertiveness - recognising motives personal and not

  • stress management /identifying end counteracting


How are sessions rolled out?

Through physical presence or on an internet remote platform (eg Zoom) material presentation , questions and answers as well as delivery of the theoretical material. Said material is delivered in 1 to 4 hour "packages" and cover each theme depending on objectives & their requested breadth of involvement. What can follow, for further development and Improvement are the Psych-Training  groups.

"What can I do to improve the preformance of my team?"

Initially we need to disclaim that there is no "panacea" (mythical salve to cure all ailments) really. Still, there is a common need that we share, and that is understanding that something is not working well. Even if we do not focuse instantly to the bottom line of a dysfunction, it is imperative that I accept that it poses a problem (or "challenge" as we like to call it in the business world) in order to seek solutions. 

On that, you may book a free exploratory meeting (virtual or in vivo) to discuss what we could do, what measureable results we can expect and how they can be financed, all in the ultimate goal of Return on your Investment. It could be from a simple two-hour self improvement group session on matters of stress and time management, or transition management, up to a reqular empowerment group formation with content, goals and reviews, integrated to your unique processes and according to cutting-edge standards. of workspace excellence.



Book now a free 30 minute

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