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Psych-training Groups

The Life WavePsych-training Groups

When interest arises for a specific psychological matter, whether personal or social,  we announce the assembly of groups that have a primary goal to educate regarding this matter (i.e. anger management,  fear and phobias,  stress management,  the need for control etc). The meetings are assembled with pre-ordained content and schedule, tackling self-knowledge and obtaining the tools relating to the matter at hand.  They may be relating to work or inter-family relations,. Each participant does not need to reveal anything special beyond socially relating information, for the group to be functional. All that is required is an interest to learn and an open mind when dealing with new concepts and points of view that develop.

With emphasis on the material delivered and the element of knowledge, hourly meetings take place. Along with experiential workshops and the necessary practice sessions to embed them in everyday life. Using group dynamics, it is possible to achieve personal development and illumination of darker personal and social facets of our emotional daily life.

Differently from counselling, or therapy groups, Psych-training Is about setting Specific, Measurable, Attainable,  Relative,  and Time-assigned goals (S.M.A.R.T.),  with the counsellor as coordinator. The structure is pre-designed for every meeting, regarding the content as well as the activities. 


The guidelines are clear from the start and they are: consistency, engagement, voluntary presence, respect and, to a point, courage for the change that is sought after. Consequently, using our common features as humans, in an organised way, we may reach a better day-to-day life, armed with real knowledge for ourselves and "the"others", something we probably should have been taught in school.

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