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"Love me" it said, "Worship me with frevour! Am I your baby? ε

Desire me, in every glance. In every detail, I want to be another hook you cannot escape.

If I am irrisistable, you will never abandon me. Look at me, am I not the best? Look at how I look at you!

You will always provide what I need, you will sustain me.

I am something of great value for you and in this way I belong, for whaterver I mean for you.

It's this animalistic attraction, so inevitable as the rising and setting moon.

I live by you and for you.

I know that you must have my control as to feel safe, but then again I cannot REALLY besow THIS control. Not really. That's becase I want to have pleasure AND security. Oh yes, I shall make sure I have security, irrigardless my behaviour.

To be accurate, the more I disgress, the more you put up with me, and the more value I seem to have, for you, for me, for the world.

So, let me perform my magick. Let me confuse you with my illusion., OUR illusion, as to what am I really in your life. Let yourself travel to my immaginary land, as described by others as normal, important and desirable. I promise you satisfaction, without neef for proof. I can even be a symbol of immense value. The effort might not be so high but it must be enough so that I can see in your eyes love. I need to be loved and wanted. Let your sensitivities take over and even if I do things you hate. Admit it. YOu cannot resist me.

As fragile as I am, I am your instinct. Accept it"

"Save women and children first.


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