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Life is like a sea voyage where the route and the destination are equally important. In the course of this journey we will pass through waves, some relaxed and playful, some seductive and attractive and some wild and dangerous. The ability   to... "surf" with art among the waves that you will encounter on the journey of your own life is what gives this journey harmony, joy, self-esteem, completeness. Like all arts, this art is learned gradually.

At KYMA life, we stand by you in the process of learning this art, so that your own unique life journey becomes an experience of self-realization, inner harmony, fulfillment and evolution. 

As in the title of our logo... the Wave back to ourselves.

The Life Wave is a Mental Health Counselling Center based in Paleo Faliro, Attica.

With our associates active, regular members of the Greek and European Consulting Associations, we adhere to the rules of ethics and ethics with the aim of always providing care.

In addition, in collaboration with renowned mental health colleagues, we make the space and its amenities available to co-organize events and educators.


We offer

  • Individual Counselling (to deal with somatization of stress, relationships, bereavement...)

  • Couples Counselling

  • Family Constellation

  • Therapeutic Regression

  • Clinical Hypnosis

  • Psychoeducational seminars on practical topics and experiential learning

  • Self-improvement in groups

  • The Method of Holding Therapy 

  • Collaborations and events in our premises

Events - Seminars - Happenings


Where to find us

In a quiet neighborhood in Paleo Faliro, close to the "Panagitsa" tram stop and the beach, with easy parking (usually).

Our premises


Meet our team

The Life Wave consists of

Angelos Ioakeimidis and Sofia Katirtzoglou


They said about us

Christina 28

From the first session I felt comfortable with Angelos. Approachable and professional. I was able to discuss my problems freely and his questions helped me and continue to help me learn more about myself.

Antonis 30

I participated in psycho-educational seminars and group sessions both close and remote on the topic of managing stress, time and priorities.
The seminar is an enjoyable experience that helps you understand your relationship with stress, and gives you a number of practical methods to deal with it.

Haris 51

A wonderful space with positive energy, and a combination of humanity and professionalism that makes you feel that you will find the way to your problem!!

Georgia 43

Excellent space and calm environment. Mr. Ioakeimidis willing to listen to you and help. Friendly and humane

John 49

Excellent space, with proper organization. Functional seminars, on various - practical topics, such as managing stress, time and priorities,   was the main subject that brought me into contact with the organizers. Professionally, but above all, with a human approach, we also found as a group, a framework for communication, discharge and fruitful reflection.

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